If you are considering to expand your market and/or product range, we can utilize our established network to help broaden yours, enabling you to exploit new markets and customers. With more than 30 years of experience in naval, yacht and special vessel shipbuilding (in North and South America, Europe and Asia), you can outsource your business development to us and we will generate a detailed and strategic plan that will enable you to envision these goals in new markets.

In the event that you are seeking to add a new product to your existing ship portfolio, such as the development of a vessel where operational costs are kept at a minimum by limiting crew members, we can assist you in realizing this goal by designing unmanned machine room or one-man bridge concepts. Should environmental issues be important for your customers and you are seeking to develop a ship with a small environmental footprint (i.e. low fuel consumption), AFE Marine possesses all the required in-house experience in designing and developing LNG fuelled ships with electrical propelled propulsion systems that utilize battery power for peak shaving in manoeuvring modes.

Lastly, our team of professionals can help you optimise your outfitting process at the yard. It is well-known that electrical and HVAC systems represent a major part of shipbuilding costs, especially in the setting of complex and tailor-made vessels.

Our critical evaluation of the workplace environment will enable you to effectively limit the number of man-hours required to outfit these systems, improving both the likelihood that building costs are kept within budget and that customer satisfaction is maximized with on-time vessel delivery .

Collectively, this is how AFE Marine can make your shipyard more reputable and profitable.